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New Mercedes Sprinter Parts Van
Two New Manufacturer Partners
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April 2018, Elliott Equipment Company will be starting it’s 49th year in business. But, we are looking at 2018 as a new beginning! We have some exciting things happening at Elliott Equipment Company that we would like to share with you!  First, we are starting a newsletter called the Elliott Equipment Company Insider and here is our first edition!  We hope you enjoy it!

We are excited to announce we will have a brand new Mercedes sprinter parts van hitting the road in early spring. It will be equipped with sewer parts, nozzles and accessories along with sweeper and refuse parts. If you are wanting something delivered to you, we may be able to work that out too. Let us know how we can help your business!

In 2018 we are forming two new manufacturer relationships, DaDee Manufacturing and Shu-Pak Equipment Inc.

DaDee Manufacturing, in Phoenix, AZ, manufactures Automated and Frontload refuse trucks. Their SCORPION Automated unit has some very unique features and a loyal following of customers. In a relatively short period of time, they have over 500 units in service. We cover the territories of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Shu-Pak Equipment, Inc., in Ontario, Canada manufactured the original Side Loader for over 50 years! They were the first Drop-Frame side loader on the market. They manufacture many different types of side loaders and Drop-Frame side loaders, as well as automated side loaders, drop-frame automated side loaders, split-body side loaders and automated and dual arm automated. We cover the territories of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming.